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Florahumus is a state-of-the-art growth stimulator based on humic acids from brown coal, which is mined by the Sieniawa Brown Coal Mine, operating in Lubuskie Province.

Florahumus improves the functioning of arable soils, contributing to better plant growth and yielding.

The product holds a positive opinion issued by the Institute of Cultivation, Fertilization and Soil Science (IUNG), Puławy

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FLORAHUMUS Agro – use of

Florahumus can be successfully used wherever we care about good plant growth and crops as well as improvements in soil properties.
Florahumus offers a wide range of application through foliar or soil spraying. It can also be successfully used in crops cultivated under cover.


Florahumus is especially recommended in agriculture, where its effectiveness has been confirmed in IUNG studies.


Florahumus can in particular be used in the garden which quite often would call for improvement in its soil and crop.

Crops under cover

Florahumus enhances the development of plants and the root system in crops under cover.